15 Amazing and Shocking Facts about Video Games you probably didnt know

15 Amazing and Shocking Facts about Video Games

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

GADGETSPAK presents the 15 Amazing and Shocking Facts about Video Games you probably don’t know. Games take a lot of time and make a lot of them. As a result, the general public still does not know a lot of facts about video games. Lost in the depths of interviews and documentaries. Here are the 15 Amazing and Shocking Facts about Video Games you probably don’t know.


For voicing Mario, Martinet is best known. But many characters were breathing into the voice actor. The old dragon Paarthurnax in skyrim is not the most important other than the fluffy plumber. Due to the dragons ‘ deeply serious tones, you would never think that Mario and the wyvern share the same actor. However, this is a testament to Mr. Martinet.


Have time to spare while you are tearing the wastelands of rage after the apocalypse. While holding a rocket launcher, you stand still for five minutes. A video from the weapon is played out on the small video screen. The unbelievably heavy metal shooter franchise was created by a call directly east of the Studio.


Each first letter of every mission adds up to Nicole, finding out that the girlfriend of Nicole Isaac Clark is dead in Dead Space. The game is a great revelation in dead space, but eagle-eyed players might have figured it out for ages. The game revealed the truth that every mission’s first letter and spell Nicole is dead. Specifically, the macabre destiny of the character.


Nintendo has deliberately recreated for the 3ds and didn’t fix many of the original game bugs to give players an experience as close to n64. Gamers like authenticity as possible, especially when we are talking about Nintendo nostalgia. The memo clearly had because it decided to leave in ocarina of time in many bugs. When it was refurbished for the 3ds, better players could still make the same breaking antiquities despite their look and work.


Walk back in the 1980 ‘s to the juggernauts. You’re now about to bankrupt Square Enix. You had enough resources to make one additional game so that you poured your energy into a new title called your Final Fantasy. Their final effort was clearly working to keep the company afloat and now more than 20 years later. In the story of the RPG franchise, we’re on the top of the 15th title.


Pac-man is about the idea of food. His name in Japan is the man PACU. From the Japanese phrase that quickly describes the sound of a mouth opening and closing. But his connection to food is based on a pizza that is missing a slice. So if you ever chowed down and thought you saw something that you knew you were right.


The fan leading designer mouth of Pistons rigged against the Chicago Bulls. What if a developer of a sports game is faced with some team? Well, it means, for NBA Jam, that the team is programmed to have a total waste mark. A Detroit Pistons fan was the leading designer of the game, Sir Mel. This hated the Chicago Bulls, so it seems that most of their shots are missing. Allow any other team to walk through them.


The second evolution of star oceans has hundred endings. With several endings, popularity has certainly increased. But Star Ocean had a whopping 100 ending in the second evolution. This is due to the second version of the game, which adds 13 finishes. Give players a foolish number of conclusions to work through the enormous JRPG.


The mushrooms of Mario are based on Amanita Muscaria. When consumed, you will feel that people have grown in size for years. Mario only eats magical mushrooms so he appears to be walking tortoises and giant caterpillars. But the red and white toad he scarves down is based on a mushroom. This makes you feel that you are growing when you are eating.


In gaming, we normally use the term cutscene very freely. Use it to describe a moment more like a movie. Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island, coined this term for the first time. When he described his manic game manor house, he described it as events that removed players ‘ control. But the story has progressed.


The Shadow of Colossus should have 48 colossi. The Shadow of Colossus pitted 16 towering colossi against the players. Each is a moving puzzle which needs to be resolved by climbing and killing all 16. But 48 beasts were part of the original concept for the game. What the players in the dreadfully empty world would certainly have done plenty.


The robot responsible for power noodles in the diamond city of Takahashi. May only appear to be a misfunctioning protocol. But this mechanical chef has more to say than meets the eye. Shinji Mikami is actually expressed. Resident franchise creator Evil .


The frightful grumbling emanated from mechanical monstrosity. It’s an unexpected place for our Mass Effect Reapers. In fact, the sound is simply an recording of the opening and closing of a bear proof trashcan. So next time you stop on your tracks, the chilling sound. Just remember that it’s a trash that can’t be very frightening.


In actual fact, it has 16 million a hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred and eighty-six weapons. The original Borderlands has fantastic marketing, including the claim that 87 bazillion arms were available. The actual number is a little smaller, littered throughout the comic world of the games. The number of those coming in at 16 million, hundred and sixty-four thousand eight hundred and eighty-six. Whatever the case, this is still an obscene number of guns that no player can add to their arsenal.


2When Valve started developing a sequel to the portal, they started to tinker with the idea that portals were not included. The mechanic was substituted by a new idea named the f-stop, but the lack of portals was not expressed by play testers. It is difficult to imagine a portal game without a trademark. They were put back in the game.