Best Android apps
Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps in 2019

Best Android apps in 2019

Hello and welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Gadgetspak’s Best Android apps in every category. There are Millions of apps available on the Play Store in each and every class. It is is very difficult to find the best android app for you in dozens of Android apps. Some apps in the Play Store are Very high in price that is not very useful to spend money on those kinds of apps. But some apps are very very good in their particular category. Also, Some Android apps are Free but those are not from a Trusty Developers and have annoying! ads. But there are some other Android apps which are also free and Value for Money too. So in the trap of the Android Apps on the Google Play Store, a Normal User of Android Device is Fully Confused.

But, Don’t Worry Here’s the Gadgetspak Helping you to Find the Best Android Apps that are waiting for you to Download and start using them. No Matters what kind of apps are you looking for? If you are looking for Note Taking apps to note your Amazing Thoughts, Web Browsers for Surf the Internet Fastly, Photo Editing apps for the new look of your Amazing Selfies or Music Streaming apps to Feel the amazing beats, All kinds of Android Apps you Find Here in Gadgetspak.

In this list of Best Android apps in 2019, we Cover all the Categories that we find Very Useful. and we Believe you are also agreed with us. In this Amazing List of Best Android Apps, There are 14 Categories. Including Web Browsers, Music, Security, VPN, Camera, Photo Editing, Video Player, Video Editing, Music Player, Messaging, Social, Weather, Launchers, Health and Fitness, Keyboard, News, and Magazines.

Web Browsers


This is Preinstalled on Android Smartphones Because this is Developed by Google. It means you Have no Worry to Download this app Just Open Google Apps folder in app Drawer and you found Chrome app just click on it and you are good to go!. If you do not find it click on Name to Download the app. In Chrome Google adds a lot of Features Like Unlimited Browsing Tabs, Incognito, Data Saving, Saving Web Pages, News Suggestions, Desktop Mode and much more. In Google Chrome you have not worried to move From Mobile to Desktop you need to sign up from your Google Account to Google Chrome and if you switch you see your Saved passwords, History and Bookmarks.


Yandex Browser

Another Browser from a Search Engine. Yandex Web Browser is very Interesting Browser. This Browser interface is very Unique From All Browsers in our List. Most Interesting and Amazing Feature of this Browser is you can install Chrome Extensions and Run it without any Difference. This is totally free no need of any kind of hack or something else just Download Extension for Chrome Extensions and run it smoothly. This is a unique feature even Google Chrome Doesn’t Have.



UC Browser is the Main Browser for Android phone. If you are not choosing a Web Browser From 1st and 2nd Web Browsers, Give it a try. UC Browser has Premium Feature like Choosing Themes and Wallpapers, Add-ons, News Headlines, Live Cricket Scores, Giveaways and etc. My Favourite Feature is News Headlines Because of this not a Feature like Google Chrome News Suggestion. In this News Feature you are able to see your country Headlines and Language i.e In Pakistan is Urdu and India in Hindi. This Browser also has a Lite Version.


Opera Mini is very Neet and Clean Web Browser and This is also very lightweight. So you do not download it with WiFi you can also download it with Mobile Data. Opera Mini has very Few Features including Data Saver and Security. But Having a very low size in Memory that not affecting the RAM and Processor I am adding this into the list.

Security and Antivirus Apps



CM Security is the number one security app in the Google Play Store. In this app, you can scan your phone or sd card in real time to prevent Malware apps and Files. This app also works like a Vault app to hide personal apps, pics, and videos. A Selfie is Taken when someone has entered a wrong Password and when you entered in the app you see an image of Person who entered password wrong. And not only this, but you can also block call and SMS, and you can also block the phishing website.


This is also a Security app on this list. 360 Security makes your mobile faster and reliable. also removing junk notification, apps that contain malware. It helps to faster your mobile by closing unnecessary apps in the background and helps to save battery life. It has Cloud engine technology to update to date your security. This is my personal choice to have in your smartphone and I have also installed on my android phone.


This is also a normal security and privacy app. You can also use all the features that you use in the privacy king app. But in this app, you can also use Antivirus Feature and Private VPN Feature. This means that you do not even need to install Extra Antivirus and VPN Apps. Just install this app and you are Secure.

VPN Apps


ZPN Has a limit of 10 GB per month for Free Version. It has good speed but not then Hotspot Shield. ZPN has 5 locations in the free version. Features including Anti Dpi, SSL VPN and Open VPN. ZPN also don’t leak DNS locations. For using ZP You need to sign up first, but the sign is free.


WINSCRIBE is also used free by creating a free account. It Bandwith limit is 10 Gb per month also increased by promoting them n twitter. Connection speed is also good and supports p2p. Winscribe uses the very secure open VPN protocol with a military grade 256 bit AES Encryption. Also Available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone


Hotspot Shield is not unknown VPN. Its free plan has a data limit of 500 MB per day and has only one location of the United States. Their connection speed is not bad and also passed the DNS Leaks Test. Hotspot Shield is available for Windows, Mac, and iPhone platforms and also have chrome extension. The best part of Hotspot Shield is Not signing up for VPN Just install and Encrypt your Data.



You all know why WhatsApp is on top of the list. Whatsapp is very famous all around the world. There is no need to tell the fact that what are the features of WhatsApp. But my most favorite feature is status. In this feature, you can share your current feeling with others.


IMO is first launched as a video calling app, and now trying to make it a chat and messaging app. This is a very popular video calling app but after WhatsApp, its popularity decreases. But not decreased in features like Video Group Calling, Animated stickers, Social Groups and Story are in IMO. It connects by your friends with a contact number.


Telegram is launched back in 2013 and now Telegram is very popular after 5 years. Its CEO Says it has over 200 million users worldwide but not confirmed yet. Telegram is banned in Russia. Telegram is most like WhatsApp it has some same features. Including Groups and Calling features.



This is Pocket DSLR Camera. This amazing camera app is made by FGAE. Camera FV-5 is made for professional and enthusiast. Its Feature is much same as PRO DSLR Cameras like you have manual control options with your fingertips. This app is not Free you have to pay $3.95 to download this app on play store but its liter version is available for free.


Camera Zoom FX Has a very clean material design. It also supports manual DSLR Controls like the other one by just using Camera API2. If your device has RAW Capability you can capture RAW Images in Camera Zoom FX. Setting ISO, Focus Distance, Sutter speed and Exposure are available. It has free and pro versions available. The free version has pretty much same features but if you want to go pro you have to download pro version of it.


Camera MX is an advanced camera app on this list supports all Aspect ratios of your smartphone. In this app, you are able to make gifs and share it with your friends on social media. It has many features including Slow motion highlight, Shoot the past, Live filters and much more. I am personally experiencing this and I am loving it.



Candy Camera is beautifying camera app and photo editor also. Developed by JP Brothers Inc. Candy Camera has tons of amazing Filters that are specially made for your perfect selfie. You can switch between filters by swiping left and right. Candy Camera also has a Beautification option that changes you in just simple and easier Steps of options. App has features including Stickers and collage.


This Camera app is much like Candy Camera app but it has the advantage of having AR sticker and AR Animoji like iPhone. B126 Camera also has filters like the others and filters are just amazing on this. This app is developed by Snow inc and its free!.



MX Player is the most advanced media and video player on our list. It supports all video and audio formats. It also supports language changing if your movie or video has a dual audio, subtitle, pinch zoom in or out, speeds up or down, Gestures forwarding and backwording, a kid lock, and much, Free version is available with ads and a pro version available with some extra features


VLC Media Player is well known and popular in Windows PC Platform. It is developed for Videolabs and Packed with Some best features. VLC is a free and open source multimedia player supports audio and videos in many formats. It has Video Streaming and Equalizer features. VLC is made free of cost by any other video player it is ads free and no app-purchases.


KM Player is another Android Video Player and also supports all audio and video formats. It has a very unique feature of Cloud Storage Supports you can view your Google Drive Videos in this app. Moreover, it has a new Function called “KMP Connect” which allow you to watch your favorite videos on PC. KMP is totally free with no app-purchase.



Quik is developed by GoPro and it has a very unique Interface. With Quik, you can create Videos with just a few Taps. You can add up to 75 images and video clips from your Gallery or Google Photos etc. It has 23 Amazing and Beautiful Themes with Audios.


KineMaster is also a unique app for Editing Video. It has many features like PC Softwares like Drag and Drop, Blocks which is used for adding videos in other block and image, audio in another block. Kinemaster allows you to download royalty free music, effects, overlays, stickers and much more. It has a bad watermark in videos after editing. For removal of Watermark, you can buy its professional version.


Filmora Go is an advanced Video Editing app for Android. In this app, you can perform many functions like trimming and cropping, Adding themes and background Music, Changing Aspect Ratios for Instagram and Youtube and many more. Filmora go have some app-purchasing items but free filters and functions are not bad at all. In the free version, It shows a wordmark at the end of the video by upgrading into pro you can remove it.




This app is launched by and this is a totally free app. Weather Forecast app has a wide range of features like It can update you from upcoming weather in every hour, Today’s Weather, Tomorrow’ next seven days and it has a wonderful live widget.


This app is very accurate to inform you correct weather and its predictions are almost right, Accuweather has a variety of features like Local forecast you can personalize, today’s weather, and 15 days weather.

Today Weather

The today weather app is beautifully designed and its UI is very Unique from other apps. It has full details of Weather and Forcast. In this app, you share the image and weather forecast with your friends to suggest holiday Place. Today Weather has a Map and also a lovely Widget for Sneak Peak of Weather.



My Fitness app is cover all the needs that you want, whether you want to lose weight, Tone up your body or changing diet. They claim their members loos over 200 million pounds. My fitness pal app has over 6 million food in its database and has a barcode feature. It has 350+ Exercises to choose from.


If you want to eat Healthy food you need to install it definitely, This app does an amazing job to suggest your healthy food and drinks. It tracks your food intake, exercise, and calories even also track macros. Free health and diet tips are also in this app. It has Versus feature in this you can compare food in real time and also determine over 250,000 food.


This app has kept you fit and healthy by Just reminds you to drink water. If you ask the doctor to drink more water, how good it is for health? So the doctor told you that the more water you drink, the better. This app reminds you that you have to drink water, it also supports Google account and sync with google fit app.



Stelio player is the superb music player in Google Play Store. This is the most advanced Music Player. It contains powerful sound settings, themes, and much more things. If you long tap on album cover it takes you to lyrics mode. You can also change music album cover whatever you want and have an equalizer setting.


This Music Player is Lite but Powerful. Musicolet has normal features but has a downside not supporting many audio formats. But it’s free and not containing ads, musicolet have a cool lock screen feature.


It has minimal User Interface and based on swipe gestures. It is a normal kind of Music Player and has all ordinary features. Background Changing is available.