Top 10 Android Q Features, that you might in 10 Version
Android Q

Top 10 Android Q Features, that you might see in 10 Version


Android Q Features, that you might see in 10th Version

Android is the most loveable and usable Mobiel OS in the World. Because it is open source and user-friendly operating system in the mobile world. Since the launch of Android 1 (alpha), Android is continuously making its users to fully control their own device. Now with Android Q things are getting more easy and reachable. Android Pie is not fully rolled out to the users and Android q is already in the hot Trending. Android’s 10th version is coming and Google might be looking for some big changes. However in this article you find 10 Android Q features, some features are already in the market, but some are very unique and useful. So here are the top 10 Android Q features for Better Security and Better Experience.


Android Q Dark mode
Android Q Dark mode

Dark Mode basically turns your background color in black and text into white. The advantage of this feature is to reduce the stress of your eyes and battery efficient as well in AMOLED Displays. Although Dark mode is not a new Feature, many brands are already providing us in their Smartphones included Huawei Mate 20 pro and Samsung’s latest devices. Unfortunately,y Google does not include this feature in Android 9 “Pie”.  But there is the strong chances to implement this feature in the Android Q.


Android Q 3D Face recognition
Image by : XDA Developers

This feature first comes in Apple’s iPhone Smartphones where you can unlock your phone with the help of 3D face recognition called “FACE ID”. And letter comes in Android Mobiles, which have brands such as Oppo and One Plus, this feature was 2d in which you can easily cheat. But there are quite a few high-end devices such as the Huawei mate 20 Pro and Oppo Fund X, in which 3D Sensor and 3D Face Unlock are already provided by the company. Now Google is also planning to give this feature an Android Q By default.


Android Q Permissions usage
Image by XDA Developers

According to XDA Developers, Google doing the major changes to permit access to give user full control over permissions. How many apps are using most permissions and what permissions are in used right now all the information are easily showed in permission usage option in the menu. additionally, you can even restrict the app to use permission (such as a camera) to active status.


Samsung Galaxy DEX

Like the dark mode, this mode first comes in Samsung and Huawei’s mobile. In Samsung Galaxy S9 you could connect mobile to desktop with the help of a doc. But Huawei took this one step forward and with the help of cable you could connect Mate 20 Pro to any desktop.  Google is going to bring desktop mode into the Android Q with this concept. And the benefits of this will be that any number of mobile phones will come with Android Q, That feature will be already on that.


Smart lock android q

Smart lock is a feature that you can connect automatically to the particular device when the device is near. and didn’t need to unlock the screen. With Android 10 now you have more controls over this feature like you can now change the time and more.


Android Q Screen Recording
Image by: XDA Developers

This is the feature about Android is lacking in previous versions, now its time to change the game with Android Q. However, some brands have already implemented this feature in their mobiles. Android apps for Screen recording are also available in the Google Play Store. But it’s great to see this feature in Android Q.


Android Q Update
Image by: XDA Developers

Now with Android Q, you are able to see the upgrade preview. This feature is only available with pixel devices where you can see the preview of an upgrade. The downgrade is a major and useful feature that we can see in the Android 10. Because many Android updates are coming with some bugs and for some reason, we are actually not satisfied with the update. So now Google is doing a great job to include this Feature in Android Q.


Android Q Icon Shapes
Image by: XDA Developers

You all might be thinking that Google Android Q is going to include which features of customization. So you are able to change the shapes of icons and also change the fonts. Fonts changing All of you will be seen before because Samsung has been providing these features for years. But now you can do this feature in every device that has an Android Q. And Icon Shops can also change in this like Circle. Square, rounded corner and more.


Android Q accent colors
Image by: XDA Developers

A major change in customization is accenting colors. android q is coming with this feature and it is very satisfying to see your favorite color in your dream phone. android q is well and good customize this time with its great features.


Notch Display
Notch Display

The different Mobile phone comes with different aspect ratios, screen sizes and different types of looks like bezel-less, pop up camera, waterdrop notch and many more. So, Android Q can automatically adapt the screen for better user experience,