WhatsApp is blessed with two new features

Whatsapp has been working on new features for a few weeks. Earlier days Whatsapp is working on in-app browsing and reverse image search and now two new features are added. Features names are Forwarding Info and Frequently Forwarded. According to WABetaInfo, Whatsapp is testing these features on the beta version.

Forwarding info whatsapp
Image by: WABetaInfo

In Forwarding info, you are able to check How many peoples have forward your message. that you send them. To check the information about forwarding, you have to long press the message, then tap on info option and you will see on the last row forwarding counts. According to the report, this feature is not ready yet. This feature is effected on those messages that you have to send to others, For checking a message that you received from others, then you have to forward this message to the friends or in a group.



Frequently Forwarded Whatsapp
Image by: WABetaInfo

The second feature is “Frequently Forwarded”. This feature tells you that this message is forwarded four times. A text “Frequently Forwarded” written on the top of the message. If your message forwarded five times or more. This feature is not available. Both features were found in Whatsapp Beta version 2.19.80. You will not get this beta version updated right now. But hopefully will come in next version.