Huawei Singapore

Huawei Singapore confirms the P30 some best features and Offers


There are 3 days left in the launching of the most leaked phone P30 and P30 pro. and another leak is on the board. This time from the Huawei Singapore official website. The site revealed the best features and offers.

Huawei P30 offer

On the released day April 6, If you buy a P30 and P30 Pro variant from the Vivocity mall you will be gifted with Huawei Watch and JBL Speaker. Both of the products costs above $300. But if you purchase a P30 and P30 pro on April 6 you get these products for free. In Europe, Watch is free but the speakers are not.

On the other side, specifications are the same as we see on the leaks and rumors. But these mentioned the key features of the beasts. They told that Huawei P30 and P30 pro comes with the best low light camera capabilities and a unique new feature “Dual View”. However, this feature comes with an OTA Update. In this feature, you are able to record video with both cameras. The screen is divided into two parts, one is showing a wider view and the second screen shows 10 X Zoom camera in action. Another best feature is the Main Camera sensor, 40 MP Camera has a (Super-Spectrum-Sensor). It helps to shoot the video in the low light and at the Super High ISO as well. Another Camera sensor is periscopic and ToF 3D Sensor. This time Huawei’s main focus is to enhance the Video Recording Experience. Launch date is March 26.