Samsung Galaxy A11
Samsung Galaxy A31

Samsung Galaxy A11, A31, and A41 will available in 64GB Base storage

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The “A” series is Samsung’s friendly series, in which you get all kinds of options, Budget or flagship. And their price is also reasonable. Samsung has paid a lot of attention to this year’s A-series line-up. Because This year Samsung has launched more than 10 A-series phones. And hope to see something similar next year too. Because of the more options, there will be, the easier it will be for customers to take the phone of their choice. Anyways, According to MySmartPrice, Samsung is reportedly working on three Galaxy A phones, the successors of the AXXs series. These are the model numbers, SM-A115X, SM-A315X, and SM-A415X. If we call these numbers, Samsung Galaxy A11, Samsung Galaxy A31, and Samsung Galaxy A41, it will not be wrong.

We can see these phones in the early months of 2020. These three phones of Samsung will start from 64 GB of storage and will end at 128 GB. Which is a very big upgrade. Whereas Samsung’s A10 and A30 phones had 32 GB and 64 GB options. Unfortunately, We have not received any other information other than this detail. But whatever details we get in the coming weeks, we will definitely share it with you. Stay tuned for more information.