Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will come with UTG Display

Samsung was a leading manufacturer of smartphones to commercially introduce a foldable unit. While the Galaxy Fold began hard, the company managed to make the brand profitable and popular. Now, the South Korean tech giant is scheduled to launch Galaxy Fold 2, the successor of Galaxy Fold. A month ago, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 data leaked indicating it would be using completely new display technology. That, compared to the polymer bendable screen used on the predecessor, will be presented with Ultra-Thin Glass.

UTG-Ultra-Thin Glass-is the new lightweight surface. It can be extended to all sorts of screens and electronics but we believe that Smartphones are the main use case. Nevertheless, the fact that the company has filed a patent for the term “Ultra-Thin Glass” has now been verified. The UTG screen would be more scratch-resistant, as it is technical glass and does not require an additional protective layer. It is measured to be 30μm thin (as fine as a human hair) up to 100μm. Obviously, there are a few caveats. The UTG screen is currently difficult to produce and expensive, although there are rumors that the phone costs less than the original Fold. It might compete with Razr 2019 from Motorola.