Galaxy Bloom is the name of next foldable phone from Samsung

Galaxy Bloom is the name of next foldable phone from Samsung

We’ve heard quite a lot of rumours about the phone we have called the Galaxy Fold 2. It is difficult to assess the credibility of everyone, but there is no doubt that the device exists and is expected to be available soon. As it turns out, it was also shown at CES 2020. Only that not in public, but behind closed doors – selected partners and journalists.

The new phone won’t be Galaxy Fold 2 according to SamMobile’s publications. Perhaps because its shape differs considerably from that of the currently sold Galaxy Fold. Galaxy Bloom will be a rival to Motorola Razr because it was chosen to mark the new product. A low-quality picture was taken at the meeting also reveals the phone’s clamshell design and the name Galaxy Bloom.

The report also indicates that the Galaxy Bloom will be covered with a new glass material called “Ultra-thin Glass (UTG)” rather than a plastic display like the original Galaxy Fold. It was claimed by SamMobile that this particular design was chosen because the Galaxy Bloom is targeted at a younger, already familiar, female audience. In addition, the Galaxy Bloom is the first smartphone that supports shooting 8K video. Both 4G and 5G Bloom versions will be available.

At this meeting, it was also confirmed that the Galaxy S11 will in fact be launched as the Galaxy S20. It appears that Samsung has decided this launch a new marketing strategy for its devices at the beginning of a new decade. The Flagships will be called Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra and launching on February 11. The 108 MP rear camera and support for 100-x zoom is said to be featured in Galaxy S20 Ultra. Each three will also be able to record 8K like Galaxy S20 Ultra.