OnePlus showcase their Disappearing camera technology on CES 2020~1
OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus showcase their Disappearing camera technology at CES 2020

Finally, OnePlus took off the smartphone Concept One which teased for a while now. At CES 2020 the smartphone was introduced as the latest smartphone concept for the company. A teaser recently suggested that Concept One is a OnePlus product in partnership with McLaren known for producing supercars. The phone carries a premium design with it, but the fact that the device comes with modern invisible cameras at the rear panel is what makes it really interesting.

OnePlus Official video

The device itself looks like a OnePlus 7 T Pro until the key, cameras and even the pop-up snapper are put in place. Concept One is wrapped in the leather coloured in the McLaren signature, Papaya Orange. OnePlus announced that McLaren’s 720S Spider luxury sports car, which features a retractable hardtop glazed with an electrochromic glass panel, has drawn inspiration for the smartphone.

There is a vertical triple camera system on top of the OnePlus logo on the back which is neatly tucked under an electrochromic glass. It can swiftly change from opaque to transparent when a current is applied to glass. This special type of glass is used for some luxury cars ‘ sunroofs, aircraft windows, as well as buildings where it was used as walls and windows. The glass can be converted to full black in 0.7s according to the OnePlus and consumes nearly no power. OnePlus spent almost 18 months in research and development to provide extremely thin layers of glass, each with 0.1 mm and an overall thickness of 0.35 mm.

As an ND filter for the cameras, the electrochromic glass doubles. A filter like this blocks light in photography so that smartphones can capture scenes that would otherwise be too luminous and over-exposed. In addition, OnePlus did not provide any details regarding the device’s specification but given its OnePlus, we anticipate the phone will be packed with the best on the market at the moment.