Samsung T7 Touch in Silver and Black
Samsung T7 Drive in Black and Silver Color

Samsung launched a portable SSD drive with fingerprint reader the T7

Portable SSDs became popular these days, but only a handful of the brands offer sufficient protection, so the T7 touch with a fingerprint reader ID is launched by Samsung. So, You can thus be confident that even if you misplace your drive, your sensitive data will be secure.

Samsung T7’s teaser

The Samsung T7 Touch is equipped with a fingerprint scanner that scans your fingerprint before you get access to the files on it. The drive can save up to four fingerprints which are useful if you share your drive with your partner, relatives or co-workers. More than just security, the Samsung T7 Touch provides. The rates up to 1,000MB/s and 1,050MB/s read and written respectively. Samsung states that the T7 reads and writes two times faster than its predecessor T5. Connectivity choices provide USB-C to USB-C, and USB-C to USB-A while the device connector allows speeds of 10Gbps over USB 3.2 (Gen 2).

Samsung T7 Touch's Poster
Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD Poster

The drive is in an aluminium case, and Samsung claims that it can handle drops up to 2 meters in height and the product is available in black and silver. Samsung’s T7 weight is only 58 grams which are very light. The T7 Touch is available in three variants, 500GB for $129, 1TB for $229 and 2TB for $399. Release date is planned this month, While Samsung will also announce a without fingerprint edition, but the price is not available and is not available until the second quarter of 2020.