Samsung Galaxy Z flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the new name of the Galaxy fold successor

We have seen the next galaxy foldable phone several times before and on 11 February there will be great chances that it will come next to the S20. But we learn that in a new development it will not be the Galaxy Fold successor, but instead the start of an entirely new lineup. The phone, originally called the Galaxy Fold 2, with the name ‘ Galaxy Bloom, ‘ was taken with a leaked picture of the event. Now, Ice Universe posted few tweets about this phone, Bloom was just a codename for Galaxy Z Flip to market as the final product. It is safe to say that the Galaxy Z is a new line of Samsung smartphones based on this new information.

In comparison to a vertical axis Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will fold across its horizontal axis. Instead of the new and more powerful Snapdragon 865, it has been reported that this device comes with a Snapdragon 855 processor. A new kind of glass that covers the display called Ultra-Thin Glass will be displayed, which replaces the Galaxy Fold polymer film. In an event scheduled for 11 February, Samsung will announce a Galaxy Z Flip along with the S20 series.

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