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OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau teases the motion smoothing feature of the new fluid display

Now that OnePlus confirmed that it’s going to use a 120Hz on your next phone (likely OnePlus 8), the smoothness teasing has started. Only a day apart in Tweets, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau started to provide examples of how the display is going to be smooth.

The first tweet highlights the difference between the OnePlus 120Hz fluid display and the 60Hz experience on a phone. Obviously the picture was to be slowed down to 30 fps (25% speed) in order to compare both devices on 60Hz screens correctly. It certainly looks amazing from the posted video, let’s just hope the phone actually getting it nicely.

The second tweets hows the concept of the MEMC chip, which is optimized for a phone by OnePlus. With this chip that TVs use to artificially increase frame rates on the video to look extra smooth, you can take your new OnePlus 8 30fps video and push it to 120fps. This is a common feature of higher-end TVs that have previously browned-you alter the viewer’s intended experience by changing the frame rate.

We still have no set timeline for the OnePlus 8 series, but it might be earlier than May, as teasers would launch so early in the year.