Google Pixel Buds

New Google Pixel Buds (2nd Gen) arrive at Bluetooth SIG

Back in October, Google launched new Pixel 4 series, PixelBook Go and not launched but showcased a prototype of next-generation Google Buds. The buds without wire and comes with a battery case like many other TWS. Google Buds have just cleared on Bluetooth SIG and ready to launch in Spring on May 2020 at I/O event.

Two model numbers are added to the listing: G1007 and G1008. We wonder whether there will be two versions of the Pixel Buds or whether each number reflects the Buds separately from the charging case. The Pixel buds support Bluetooth 5.0, which is written on certification listing. The Bluetooth hardware this time is made by Bestechnic rather than Qualcomm.

In Design-wise, Pixel buds (2nd gen) are popped up nicely with its unique In-ear design. Pixel 4 series colours are painted on new buds including White, Black and Orange. These buds come with a charging case might also support wireless charging. Google provides clear calls. high-quality sound, Ambient or transparent mode, 5 hours battery timing and support of “OK Google” which is literally amazing. Amazingly all of these features packed in $179 price tag.

With this Buds, Google wants to compete with Apple and Samsung. Let’s see in May 2020 at I/O event, but if we found any detail we also share here.