Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi

Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi
Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi

Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi

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Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi: 

From phones like Nokia, Samsung, and iPhone, we saw the development of the technological world. New brands have undoubtedly entered the stage and some have managed to create their own name. You can not deny that the success of Xiaomi is mainly due to its low cost, but its brand also plays a major role. Here are amazing and fun facts about xiaomi concerning this brand breakthrough, as you might read this article!
Xiaomi was founded in 2010, once the world’s third largest producer of smartphones. China and India are the biggest markets in the country, and Xiaomi became the country’s highest-selling brand at the beginning of the year.

Here’s a list of Amazing and fun facts about Xiaomi

World record by Xiaomi

Facts about xiaomi

In 2015, Xiaomi established a new Guinness World Record to sell the most smartphones in 24 hours on a single platform. During his annual fan festival, the company offered various discounts and sold 2,112,010. Alibaba ‘s Tmall has held the previous record and sold 1,894,867 phones for 24 hours in 2014.

Only Profit of 5%

Facts about xiaomi

In April, Xiaomi ‘s CEO, Lei Jun, stated that the company’s profit margin for hardware sales will be permanently limited to a maximum of 5 percent after tax. This applies to the whole line- up of Xiaomi– from smartphones to products in lifestyle.


Because there is no physical shop, Xiaomi does not also use traditional advertising channels. They also do not support approvals of any kind (did you like seeing someone using the phone in any movie or TV show?), so that we wonder how their products have grown so fast to fame!

Mitu Bunny

Facts about xiaomi

Xiaomi ‘s mascot is a bunny named Mitu that is wearing an Ushanka. Cap Mi Bunny has a red star and a red scarf is on her neck as well.

Various products

Facts about xiaomi

Fitness trackers, drones, smart lamp, robot vacuum cleaners, and energy banks are also produced by the company. Don’t forget security cameras, media streaming devices, and even intelligent running shoes. It even sells a cool, portable electric scooter and a range of 18 miles.

None of them all look so weird from a technology company, but Xiaomi ‘s product list gets strange further. Rice cookers, Electric bubbles, Travel Pillows, Case, Couches, and Regular Plums are also manufactured by the company.

Expensive Domain

Facts about xiaomi

Xiaomi purchased in 2014, for $ 3.6 million, replacing its official website with The company bought costly products because it wanted to expand to markets outside China where people find it difficult to pronounce Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Play World Record

Facts about xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi Play’s presentation, which was held in China, allowed Xiaomi to show its new creation, which enabled him to set a Guinness World Record once more. In fact, with 1,008 Xiaomi Mi Play, the largest animated mosaic was created. It is necessary 12 hours to create a 7.9 meter high Christmas tree, from the 4 in the morning to the 4 in the afternoon. It was not an easy operation since all devices needed simultaneous coordination and control, each showing a different section of the image. However, the result is very effective: it was completed within 12 hours (but it took two weeks of design)

Xiaomi’s Name

Facts about xiaomi

Xiaomi is a reference to the Buddhist concept. Millet and Rice are literally. It means that Xiaomi wants to start with small things before heading up.


facts about xiaomi

The logo of Xiaomi might seem simple, but it’s more there than the eye meets. The logo looks almost identical with a Chinese character which is a heart when it is turned upside down. Whether or not it’s a coincidence, I would find out. It’s somehow cool, either way.



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