Best Puzzle Android Games

Best Android Puzzle Games 2019

Best Android Puzzle Games 2019: Puzzles were once a simple genre with a straightforward idea. For time killing pleasure, you solve puzzles. The genre, however, splashed on a big mobile phone. Actually, the genre is one of the most popular on the whole platform. You can find some really good Android puzzle games these days. The days of super simple mechanics and goofy ideas have gone by. In fact, certain of these games are quite intense and complex with history and good graphics.

So here’s a list of Best Puzzle Android Games of 2018

1All that remains part 1

All That Remains Part 1

All that’s left: Part 1 is a Android Puzzle game. The players wake up in a bunker before something wrong happens. There are a lot of puzzles in each room in the bunker. You communicate also over a two-way radio with the character’s sister. It is certainly this developer’s best escape room game. You have other puzzle games in escape style too, if you want to try them. All that’s left: Part 1 is $2.49, in any case, without in-app purchases or advertises.

2The Room old sins

The Room: Old Sins

Another game in a popular range of puzzles has prepared new, even more complex, secrets for gamers that aren’t easy to uncover, and the atmosphere is dull and mystical. Puzzles and secrets are becoming even more thoughtful and fascinating, because The Room series games have always been known

3Monument valley 2

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2–a continuation of an exciting Android puzzle where you’re going to experience the magic architecture world. This game helps Ro and her daughters to publish all of this amazing world’s secrets and solve difficult puzzles. Help Rho to open up the valley’s all secrets, explore incredible levels and manage architectural objects before her daughter. Reach unbelievable levels, enjoy illusory puzzles and meditate on how personalities interact. Get into Monument Valley 2 ‘s incredible world and take advantage of the sound, which complemented the game perfectly.

4Brain it on

Brain It On

Brain It On is a physics addictive puzzle game requiring you to think outside the box in order to solve all levels. You must draw lines, forms, weighted objects, or whatever else you think is going to solve each screen using your finger or style. As we advance through over 200 levels, it is becoming increasingly creative and difficult, but at the end of the day we will have to go back and review old levels to get three stars to open up new ones (stars are gained by completing the level in time within the limits of forms).



Hocus, an intellectual puzzle based game that’s easy to play. It’s challenging to master and can be created and played by other users. MC Esher will be damn proud of hocus. In this game there are more than 100 official puzzles that require you to swip around to move a cube. When you cross two paths, you can change the direction completely along another way. Your aim is to make the cube as fast and efficient as possible to the red marker.

6Two Dots

Two Dots

Dots two are easy, difficult to master and addictive, as are all the best puzzle games. It follows the very popular game of Dots, where the major object continues to be the same: Connect as many colored dots as possible. In addition to 900 and above levels, the sequel brings new skills to the table. Having passed through the first 10 levels, the Two Dots offer you a linear adventure and a different mode called Expedition when you have reached level 35. Two Dots offers the possibility for a new adventure. The game has no commercials at all and you’ll love a really unique and clean visual style.

7Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

The game mainly involves mechanics of Bridge Constructor. With a variety of strategies and components, you build a bridge from one part to the next. The mechanics of the portal make every level more fun. It has 60 levels (test chambers), lots of portal references (speeches included), and other things like the achievements of Google Play Games. Bridge Constructor Portal is $4.99 without in-app purchases or advertisements. It’s a great game of puzzles.

8Faraway 3 Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Faraway 3: Arctic Escape is another newer puzzle game from 2018. Faraway 3: A new puzzle game from 2018 is Arctic Escape. It contains a number of puzzles like console games such as The Witness. You have different boards and needs solved by each board. The game consists of 18 stages, each with a range of puzzles and a storyline. It’s also the third game in the series and the two previous ones are also quite good. The three should offer decent entertainment together. The third has neighborhoods, which cost 3.99 dollars. The games before are also quite cheap.

9Part Time UFO

Part Time UFO

Part-time UFO is Kirby’s goofy jigsaw puzzle game. Yes, the lovely, rosy, stuffy puff ball. You fly in a UFO while doing strange jobs for the villagers. It’s a puzzle for every job. The game has many colorful characters, lots of levels and puzzles and some things to unlock. It has support for achievements in Google Play Games as well. The game is worth $3.99 without buying or advertising in-apps. It’s not the most intensive game, but we like it anyway.



Prune is another gorgeous puzzle game. You have a plant to grow the basic premise. Your job is to cut the plant into the light. You’re winning when you do. It contains a total of 48 levels and you can synchronize your progress. In addition to its minimal style, it does not include purchases in-app. You can not get out of a jam, that means. It’s one of the best puzzle games, the more undervalued. It’s friendly to the family, too.