Best iOS Browsers for better internet experience in iPhone 2019

Image Credits: Kārlis Dambrāns

Safari is one of the fastest browsers, but far from perfect. There is a lack of visual appeal and many features would not be found in Apple Safari in any web browser app. You can download apps from third parties for a more personalized experience. If you want to download a new web browser app for the iPhone, App Store has tons of choices. We have compiled a list for you and highlighted the features of each app to help you select the best browser for the iPhone. However, in Safari all of your email links and links in the messages still open, and you can not change your default web browser on the iPhone! However, you can use these Safari alternatives to facilitate otherwise your browsing experience.

So Here’s a list of 10 Best ios Browsers to use in 2019

1Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of Windows and Android ‘s best browser apps. Also available for iOS devices is Google’s famous browser. By signing up with your Gmail ID, you can access your newly opened tabs, bookmarks, and favorites from various devices. It not only offers remarkable cross-platform support but also seamless navigation. It is popular.
Google Chrome packs powerful Google features for iOS for user-friendly surfing and browsing. For those who want to work on multiple devices on different operating systems, this is the best iOS browsers application.

2Opera Mini


This is a lightweight iPhone web browser app that can operate on various bandwidths perfectly. Opera Mini loading page speed is quick, and its compression function helps to reduce your data utilization. The browser’s default red theme is one of the best alternatives for safaris to split with Safari’s boring gray theme
Opera Mini was designed to reduce page load time and to save data as one of the best iOS web browsers. The app’s core functionality is still the same, so many users who worry about excessive data users prefer it to be. This is a free browser application for the iPhone.

3Dolphin Browser


The mobile browser application Dolphin has many features that make it a great alternative to Safari. You can easily switch between apps with a tabbed browsing feature. The app facilitates gesture-based browsing, dolphin sonar, speed dials, etc. If you want to personalize your browsing experience, there are many different subjects to choose from. It’s a quick browsing app for safe and customized web surfing.
Dolphin Mobile is a free mobile browser application and one of the most comprehensive iPhone browsers available. It is hard to understand the set of features, but once you have mastered it, it can become your favorite browsing application

4Puffin Browser


The web browser app Puffín differs from any other browser in this list and is a fast Web browsing application. The app compresses very well, which keeps the time for loading the page to a minimum. Flash pages are supported by the Puffin web browser, which includes Adobe Flash. A boon for lower-bandwidth networks is the latest version of the application since it reduces connection time on a server.
The Puffin iPhone browser app is for people who work on resource-restricted products, but want to load pages more quickly. It is one of the quickest iOS browsers to download, without a doubt. The app offers a unique web browsing experience for users with the virtual trackpad and dedicated video player.

5Adblock Browser


To be honest, advertisements are infiltrated like flies in our world. Adblock Browser 2.0 has one of the best browser applications for iPhone if you are someone who doesn’t want to see annoying ads while browsing the internet. You can visit websites peacefully by blocking the App automatically. If you want to see ads on a particular web page, exceptions may also be added.
Adblock Browser 2.0 is one of iPhone’s most efficient browser apps to automatically block announcements. It’s easy to get around the app as the interface is a Google Chrome replica. This browsing app is free to download

6Aloha Browser


There is no better option if privacy is your business than to use a VPN for internet browsing. Aloha ‘s iPhone browser features an integrated VPN, which enables you to browse on the internet anonymously. The iOS browser app focuses on privacy and hides websites. The interface is very simple and designed with Google Chrome inspiration.
Aloha ‘s iPhone browser says it doesn’t log any of the activities that are all the more reason to crown it as the best iPhone browser in this data starving world. A paid-in version of the Aloha Premium browser also features an even more advanced feature set. Aloha Premium is a Safari alternative for hardcore privacy-focused people.



Its browser range is one of the iOS device’s best privacy browsers. Its exceptional confidentiality and tracking blocker features have made it popular for many users who want to navigate the Internet on every other site without trackers. If you tracked by a website on internet Ghostery send warning info to you. The app performs easily the basic functions of a browser application.
The browser application of Ghostery is all about privacy and does a commendable job of protecting you against trackers. This browser for iPhone Internet is an app for those interested in their privacy.

8Firefox Focus


In the web browsers list, Firefox is not a shocking name. Applause from many tech fans for Firefox’s advanced features has been received for the desktop. Firefox Focus is a private-focus app that is not your ordinary browser. You do not have to turn or to escape trackers by incognito mode, the stealth mode in the browser is always enabled. Without interfering with settings, it simply blocks many common web trackers.
Firefox Focus is a basic application with state-of-the-art privacy. There may be a lack of tabs, but otherwise, if you want to hide your identity from the online world, it is a decent browser app for the iPhone.

9Maxthon Browsers

Maxthon Cloud’s iPhone Web Browser app is a lightweight browser with amazing features such as an integrated ad blocker, a tool for taking notes and the password administrator. Based on the cloud engine, Maxthon can synchronize your data through Apple and non-Apple devices.
Maxthon Cloud Web Browser has many advanced features in the iPhone browser application. What I liked the app is the functionality of synchronizing data between various platforms and an integrated password manager.

10Yandex Browser

This is a popular search engine in Russia which has surpassed Google. The iPhone browser app deals with secure and safe browsing. It can be a good Safari alternative that bore the monotony of the default iOS navigator look and feel. With its special Turbo mode, Yandex reduces data use and speeds up page charge time. In this iOS browser application, you can find all the basic functions of the browser app.
In Russia, Yandex has made its name where Google is playing hardship. Yandex browser is a decent application that has all the basic functions for browsing. You can download it to upgrade your browsing experience and want Safari to change it.