Galaxy A90 will be the first Smartphone of Samsung with a pop-up camera

Galaxy A90 will be the first Smartphone of Samsung with a pop-up camera

Samsung Galaxy A90 is Korea’s new mid-range smartphone. New rumours suggest that the selfie camera on Galaxy S10 will be much more interesting than on the display. The first Samsung smartphone is the A90 with a pop-up camera, where there are real leakage.

For some time now, Samsung A90 has been in the leaks. Now, there is a new rumor in the city about the new Galaxy being a perfectly displayed smartphone. The A90 will be equipped with a Pop-up camera, instead of the notch or the hole. The information comes from the South Korean Giant Camp Twitter account of Ice Universe, which has given us many proven leaks in the past.

The upcoming Samsung S10 line-up, with a selfie camera hole, is all of us excited. But keep in mind that Samsung A8s was the first Selfie Camera to show up before it was featured in the flagship. Similarly, Galaxy A90 now comes with a new selfie solution, and who knows if it could also become a standard for future smartphones?

The Galaxy A90 ‘s new sliding or pop-up mechanisms for the front cameras are causing certain concerns regarding resistance, dust or water. However, there are devices on the market which have already proved to be pretty robust, such as ViVo Nex or OPPO Find X, with the same pop-up or sleeving technique. Waterproofing is a major concern in general but A series never had an IP67 ratings and so this should not be an issue for A90. The bezelless screen from Samsung Galaxy A90 covers most of the front of the phone, and it may allow you to imagine any kind of weird head camera. Well, the image of Vivo Nex is not there for any cause, the only purpose is to remove this fog to improve your comprehension.

Finally, no official statement is available regarding the release dates or the pricing but the Galaxy A90 will be unveiled in the second half of this year later with a retractable selfie camera. The Galaxy A9, its predecessor, was officially launched in November 2018, and we might be confronted with a similar schedule.