Google Chrome Dark Mode is ready for iOS users

Google Chrome Dark Mode is ready for iOS users

In September, iOS 13 introduced a sumptuous new Dark Mode that extends to all applications throughout the operating system. Google Chrome iPhone users have now been provided with the long-awaited dark mode of a web browser that was already available on both Android and mobile smartphones. So you will also get the dark-mode if you update the Chrome browser to the latest version.

On iOS, the Chrome browser follows the system-wide Dark Mode setup without any manual option. Chrome’s dark iOS mode differs marginally in that it doesn’t use black OLED from other first-party applications. Actually, in all its offerings, Google leverages a clear gray hue. Google also updates the look of Recent tabs, bookmarks, history tabs and reading lists to iOS 13 card style. Last but not least, you can now directly add a credit card in the settings page.


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