OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are now included in Android 10 family.

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro are now included in the Android 10 family.

In September, OnePlus started rolling out the update of Android 10. But later the company paused due to some bugs. Due to this, many people could not get the update. But now finally, the OnePlus has rolled out the update and that too by fixing bugs. that means all the exciting features of Android 10 will also be present.


OnePlus’s UI (Oxygen OS) has also got a new face and there are many new features too. Which includes changing the shape of the icon that you will find in the Quick Settings, New Ambient Display Options, New game space that puts your games in one place from where you can easily access the games. Now, these are customizations changes. But, some camera quality improvements have also been focused. And photo quality has been also improved. You can also block spam messages by keywords. And the last one is the crucial feature that changes the mobile user experience. That is the full-screen gestures, in which you swipe left to go left and swipe right to go right. A fine navigation line is given below, which will be going to recent apps.


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