Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to launch in more countries

Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to launch in more countries

As you all know that Samsung launched such a phone this year, which all of us have been seeing the dreams of that phone for many years. Well, but looking at its price, I think it will take many years to complete this dream. And it is also a matter that it has not been launched in Pakistan yet and will have to be taxed a lot if ordered from Foreign. But this price is technically correct as well because the components are very expensive and excellent. There is a folding OLED display, 6 flagship Grade Cameras, a new excellent processor, etc.


Samsung Galaxy Fold was first launched in seven countries. Which includes South Korea, United States, United Kingdon, Germany, France, India, and Singapore. But according to Korea Herald Samsung is planning to launch the most expensive phones in Japan, Poland, Mexico, Switzerland, and China. The variant that will be launched in Japan may be written Galaxy instead of the Samsung brand, which has been running in Japan since 2015. More about China, In the Chinese market this phone will be launched on 1 st November, which will compete with Huawei Mate X.

Huawei Mate X VS  Samsung Galaxy Fold
Huawei Mate X VS Samsung Galaxy Fold

Apart from that, the third batch of 10,000 units in South Korea is also ready for sale. By the way, Samsung did not give any official statement of sales of Galaxy Fold. But according to market analysts, Samsung has already sold 20,000 units and that too in a few minutes which is insane. There is also news that Samsung has made 100,000 foldable display panels, some of which will be repaired. and also Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G may also be launched next month.

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